Is our commercial strategy shopper-centric? Do all points-of-sale add value to our brand? Do we protect our online brand assests effectively? Does our pricing strategy support our brand? How to deal with multiple markets within one market? Do our logistics create value-added?

Contract Partners

We are a specialised European business-legal-consultancy firm. We support A-brand manufacturers in designing and implementing their value-added commercial strategies for the European market(s). We are unique in our solutions by combining commercial -, legal - and logistical expertise.


Our clients are primarily non-food A-Brand manufacturers. They create and sell innovative branded products in Europe and seek to create sustainable value added from their brands and innovations.

We have a diverse client base. Our clients are active with A-branded products in various categories, ranging from DIY to Consumer Electronics to Luxury Goods to hand-assembled goods. Most of our clients sell to both consumers and businesses, directly and through distributors and retailers. They maintain customer relationships on a local - and international level. All of our clients deal with the dynamics of physical and online stores and deal with multiple markets within one European market.

We are also consulted by retailers on selective distribution networks and online intellectual property.

Our clients seek pragmatic solutions, which are commercially effective, operationally viable and legally compliant.

Typical questions are:
"how do I limit the number of points of sale selling my products?"
"how do I make my pricing work for my brand?"
"how do I renegotiate a contract without endangering the deal?"
"how do I protect my online content against unauthorised usage?"


We know that strong commercial strategies find their origin in there where sales, legal and operations come together.


We place your brand and your shoppers at the heart of every potential sales strategy. Based on shopper journeys, we help you to get a clear picture of which points of activation, - influence and - sale are required to convert, upsell, and attach.

We help you to get a clear picture of your go-to-market options and how to get there, given your current footprint and organisational capabilities. We bring practical experience in how to optimally work with distributors and resellers.

We know how pricing structures contribute to long term brand value creation and how pricing can support profitable top line growth. We help your commercial team to make your trade partners enthusiastic for your commercial vision, strategy and instruments.


We believe logistics is much more than getting a product from A to B in the most efficient manner. Logistics are an integral part of value creating sales strategies: determining how much inventory lies at what point in the values chain, and where ownership lies at what point in time can greatly impact the effectiveness of a commercial strategy.

We understand how operations contributes to commercial success and how to ensure that operational procedures and systems add value to your commercial activities. We know how to balance cost versus commercial service levels, thereby maximizing your integral results. We help define a robust logistics strategy that fits seamlessly with your commercial strategy. Plus we have the capability to practically implement those strategies.

what we work on

We do not disclose the names of our clients, but the cases below are typical of the work we do.

selective distribution

One of our clients was about to launch an innovative new product line. They are working with several distributors in Europe. Concerned that key points of sale will not focus on their innovation if it is broadly distributed, they wanted to limit the number of points of sale per market.

We supported this manufacturer in setting up a selective distribution network, based on shopper insights and the innovative character of the products involved. This involved:
- document the rational for selective distribution;
- setting up the commercial parameters, which are being used to select points of sale;
- drafting the necessary agreements and signature process;
- putting in place the required operational processes to manage a selective distribution network;
- training the teams involved to ensure they fully understand what selective distribution is and what is not

commercial agreements

One of our clients wished to engage in a multi-year agreement with a large international retailer. Our client received an agreement proposal by the retailer, which limited the rights of our client and brought unwanted liability.

We supported our client in:
- how to best engage with the retailer to separating contract from commercial intent, in order not to frustrate the relationship or endanger the multi-year deal;
- balance the agreement to limit risks and liabilities for our client;
- deepen and enrich the commercial deal


One of our clients realised that there was room for improvement in how they build up their price system and calculated rebates, discounts and refunds for their customers.

We supported this manufacturer in setting up a European pay-for-performance structure, which:
- supports their commercial agenda;
- allows for differences between markets and customer types;
- ties to their annual agreements;
- enables the sales team to overcome transactional discussions


We bring a rich and diverse background in knowledge and experiences in non-food and FMCG. We have been supporting clients since 2015. We are a lean team. We have a hands-on mentality and bring pragmatic solutions, takig our clients' organsiational capabilities into account.

"We founded Contract Partners having a passion for brands and knowing how important a solid distribution strategy is to foster innovation and growth. We also know how important it is to do this the right way to avoid legal and financial exposure. We bring insights and instruments, which strengthen our clients’ sales teams and sales base. When reselling is important for you, you want to talk to us about your contract partners."

Michiel de Jong

passion for sales

Michiel graduated from Trinity College, University of Dublin in 1996 and from HEC Paris in 1998, having studied Business and Economics. He has held various sales positions within the Dutch Retail organization of Sara Lee Douwe Egberts during 8 years. In 2006 Michiel joined Philips, where he worked on European level, leading Category Development Management for the Consumer Lifestyle division and then as Sales Director Consumer Lifestyle for the Netherlands. He was part of the team bringing Philips Television to the joint venture TP Vision from 2012 until 2015, first as Managing Director Benelux, then as Head of Sales Europe and Cluster Leader Northern Europe. Michiel has broad sales experience, on international strategic level and hands-on on local sales organization level. He has been part of key product introductions, spin-offs, business integrations, reorganizations and sales processes design.

Lisette Hendrikse

passion for legal

Lisette graduated in 1995 from the University of Amsterdam in International Law and from the VU University in Dutch law, specialising in company law and international contracting. In the years thereafter she worked for several listed companies, of which 14 years with Royal Philips. In her role as European Legal Counsel she has broad experience in M&A, corporate venturing and strategic alliances, international commercial agreements, and is an expert in the field of selective distribution and exclusive agreements. In 2012 Lisette started her own business-legal practice, supporting local and international companies. She acts as local counsel for several companies in the Netherlands and actively supports start-ups through Rockstart and Startup Bootcamp. Lisette is a founder of Legal Women Foundation, the Dutch network platform for female lawyers and is she a regular guest speaker at business-legal events.

Robin Bergmans

passion for operations

Robin obtained his master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2000. After his studies he joined Philips Consumer Electronics, where has held multiple operational and transformation roles, both for global supply chain teams and local sales organisations. During his time in Philips he has been part of two major business carve-outs. In 2008 he was part of the team that spun-off the Philips Home Network division into Pace Ltd and from 2012 until 2015 Robin was part of the team, which brought Philips Television into the joint venture TP Vision. For Philips Television Robin was Supply Chain Director Benelux and subsequently Regional Supply Chain Director EMEA. During his career he has worked together with third party partners and with customers, designing and implementing effective supply chain blue prints.


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